Greeting from the President

A Spirit as Soft as Our Towels  Mr. Taichi Matano, President

As our Senba, Osaka trading company specializing in towels rounds out its 70th year, we have seen a steady flow of business even in the midst of a recession. In this economic situation we have been focused on meticulous product development and the approach of creating unconventional forms of demand. We have been introducing high-quality towels directly imported from America and Europe since the 1950’s, and currently our Portuguese JMA and IBENA of German items are particularly well-received by our customers, among other brands. We are also handling a number of brands featuring collaborations from both domestic designers and designers from abroad.

In addition to these standard procedures, recent years have seen towel function evolve from simply ‘drying’ to ‘wrapping’ and ‘decoration’, leading to the development of our hugely popular ‘cotton muffler’ and tenugui-style towels, both winners of the 2011 Good Design Award. Manufacturers, sellers, and customers have served as a contributing trinity in the introduction of the lll works branding project introduced in 2012, the first entry to win the Good Design Award in all categories.

In March of 2000, in advance of the rest of the industry, we received environmental management standard certification ISO14001, and since then producing environmentally-friendly towels has been a regular in-house procedure, and we have been presenting at least one new series every year featuring new perspectives on manufacturing.

As per our management principles, our goal is to bring ‘happiness and inspiration’ to our customers. This applies as well to the happiness our employees. As an enterprise, as human beings, we believe it is important to work to whatever extent possible to be of service to society. We approach our work with a fresh sensitivity and dynamism, a bright and positive attitude, and a spirit as soft and gentle as our own towels. We love towels, and manufacture them with focus and warm enthusiasm.

Management Principles

  • Founder’s teachings:‘Remember the enthusiasm with which you began.’‘Harmonious cooperation’
  • The pursuit of customer satisfaction, and employee happiness both in body and mind
  • To always focus on innovative product development, with the aim of the happiness and inspiration of our customers.
  • To provide a safe environment for our workers that they can take pride in
  • To contribute to society in a wholesome and enduring manner

Nissen Shoko Manufacturing Policy

High quality

To strive towards the satisfaction of every customer, and the continuous improvement of the quality of our products

Daily use

To pursue the production of items that are pleasant to use and that customers do not tire of using daily

Person and planet-friendly

We use natural-fiber cotton not just for the production value, but as part of our consciousness of living cooperatively with the natural environment and making products that are gentle for both people and nature.

Company Outline

Company nameNissen Shoko Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeMr. Taichi Matano, President
CapitalJPY ¥100,000,000
EstablishmentJuly 24, 1942
Business conductedImport/export, overseas operations and domestic wholesale of towels, bath towels, oshibori, sport towels, beach towels, sheets, blankets made of toweling, robes and sleep fashion, towel-related goods, and miscellaneous accessories.
BrandsFila, OLIVE des OLIVE, JMA, IBENA, etc.
Employees130 Employees (Jan 1, 2019)

Business Operation Outline

Wholesale oriented marketing Through wholesale businesses throughout the country, we work to meet the needs of retail businesses by providing a wide selection of goods, quick delivery, and support, among other services.
Retail oriented marketing We conduct operations such as providing a variety of goods as well as lifestyle suggestions to quickly respond to and meet the needs of department stores, volume sellers, and specialty stores.
Overseas-oriented marketing We distribute high-end Japanese-made towels through retail stores currently centered in Southeast Asia.
Mail/Web order oriented marketing We offer a selection of products in order to respond to our clients’ ever-changing needs in real time.

The Offices

Osaka Head Office 3-11 Kitakyuhojimachi, 2 Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0057
Tel : 06 – 6261 – 8251 Fax : 06 – 6264 – 6690
Mino Office 3-16 Senba Higashi, 2 Chome, Minoh, Osaka 562-0035 Tel : 072 -729 – 7271 Fax : 072 – 728 – 7736
Nichiwa Senba 1-7 Senba Chuo, 3 Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka. 541-0055
Tel : 06 – 6252- 6361 Fax : 06 – 6252 – 6362
Tokyo Office Iwasei Nihonbashi Building 4th Floor, 6-5 Ohdenmacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011
Tel : 03 – 5695 – 6221 Fax : 03 – 5695 – 6233
Sapporo Office 1-3 Kita 5 Joh Nishi, 13 Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0005
Tel : 011 – 231 – 3061 Fax : 011 – 231 – 3635
Fukuoka Office Hakata Plaza Bldg No.2 1F,8-3,2-chome
Hakataekihigashi,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka 812-0013
Tel:092-482-4567 Fax:092-482-4569

Company History

July 24, 1942Established as Nissen Mora Products
May 30, 1949The company name is registered as Nissen Shoko Co, Ltd.
February 9, 1953Direct export operations begin
July 3, 1957The headquarters location (Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Kita Kyuhouji 2 Chome, 26) is transferred (4-floor, reinforced)
February 13, 1960The Tokyo Office is established (Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Higashi Nihonbashi 2 Chome, 1-13)
May 1, 1963Direct import operations begin. The start of American-made ‘MARTEX’ brand towels in Japan.
October 31, 1963Construction of the Tokyo Nissen Building (9 floors, one basement floor, steel-frame, reinforced)
October 6, 1965Established ‘Thai Towel Co., Ltd.’ (joint venture) in Bangkok, Thailand
March 12, 1970Nichiwa Senba Center Building is established, opened for business
October 1, 1974The Minoh Logistics Center is built in Minoh City, Senba Higashi 2 Chome 3-16
March 22, 1976Company capital exceeds JPY ¥ 100,000,000
April 1, 1977Sale of the Jumbo Ozaki Jumbo Fashion Terry begins
September 1, 197830th anniversary celebration of the Hiroko Koshino brand license
April 29, 1979Chairman Heizo Matano is decorated with the Fifth Order of Merit for his business services
May 10, 1981The Fukuoka Office is established
July 1, 1987The new headquarter building is completed
March 9, 1988Company tour to Singapore in celebration of the 40th anniversary
September 17, 1990Remodeling of the Tokyo Office building completed
November 19, 1991Completion of the Sapporo Office 4-floor building
March 11, 1992Contracted a licensed agreement for the MCM brand, Michael Cromer Munich (Germany)
October 7, 1993Company trip to Hawaii in celebration of the 45th anniversary
January, 1995Contracted a licensed agreement with Katharine Hamnet (Itochu Corporation)
February 9, 1995Purchase of XIV Shirahama Annex as a recreation center
March, 1997Completion of additions to the headquarter building
March 11, 2000ISO14001 Certification received
April 21, 2002The Tokyo Office moves to Nihonbashi, Odenmacho
September, 2003Contracted a licensed agreement with Guy Laroche
November 3, 2003President Fumio Matano is awarded a yellow ribbon in the autumn ‘Houshou’
April 1, 2004Contracted a licensed agreement with the Elmer brand (Plazastyle)
September 20, 2005The Nichwa Office moves to Senba and begins business operations
September 5, 200860th anniversary celebration held at XIV Biwako
October 1, 200940th anniversary of the establishment of the Sapporo Office
January, 2010Internship training
March 19, 201050th anniversary of the establishment of the Tokyo Office
September, 2010Internship training
2010Contracted a licensed agreement with ROSE HIPS
January, 2011Mr. Fumio Matano is appointed as company chairman, and Mr. Taichi Matano is appointed as company president
April, 2011XIV Arima Villa, Grand XIV Naruto purchased and established as recreation centers
May, 201130th anniversary of the Fukuoka Office
November, 2011The Japanese Style brand receives a 2011 Good Design Award
April, 2012Chairman Fumio Matano receives both a gold and silver award in the spring ‘Houshou’
September, 201365th anniversary celebration held at the Yase, Kyoto villa
November, 2013lllworks brand wins a 2013 Good Design Award
November, 2015Concluded a licensed agreement for "AVOCA" brand
December,2016Concluded a licensed agreement for "MERCURYDUO" brand
March, 2017"Tenshi no gauze" brand won Omotenashi Selection Award 2017
September, 201870th anniversary of the establishment. Celebration event was held in Fukuoka・Oita in November
December, 2018Concluded a licensed agreement for "Journal standard furniture" brand
  • Greetings from the President
  • Management Principles
  • Nissen Shoko Manufacturing Policy
  • Company Outline
  • Business Operation Outline
  • The Offices
  • Company History